There exist numerous rare diseases that tau dysfunction is associated with known as tauopathies. While Alzheimer’s is the largest tauopathy, other tauopathies are rare diseases that present accelerated regulatory pathways and significant near-term commercial opportunities.  

These rare diseases shown in Chart A below have a tau etiology similar to AD. Oligomerix’s 1st clinical program focuses on demonstrating safety and efficacy of our lead (OLX07010) in AD and in a rare disease tauopathy.

Rare tauopathy diseases generally have an earlier age of onset and more rapid disease course (versus Alzheimer’s disease) allowing for early signals of target engagement and the potential for a more rapid regulatory review.

As an oral, small molecule targeting tau-self association (the beginning stages of the tau aggregation cascade), OLX-07010 has the potential to be easily administered to improve patient compliance, accessible on a global scale and manufactured at lower costs compared to other approaches. Additionally, OLX-07010 could complement both tau and beta-amyloid antibody treatment.