Tau Oligomer Inhibitor Program

Oligomerix has developed a proprietary series of in vitro and cellular assays targeting tau self-association with the aim of discovering and optimizing small molecules that inhibit the formation of the entire spectrum of tau aggregates. These aggregates range from small soluble tau oligomers in vitro to large phosphorylated insoluble aggregates in vivo. Inhibiting tau oligomer formation reduces the reservoir of tau oligomers in diseased neurons, thereby inhibiting the spread of tau pathology and its associated impairment of cognition as seen in AD.


• In vitro and cellular screening and confirmatory assays

• Multiple chemical series of small molecules inhibiting tau self-association

• In vivo efficacy in preclinical studies

• Tau biomarker program for tau fragments in blood

• Scaled-up synthesis of lead compound for non-clinical safety studies

• Preliminary safety studies for de-risking preclinical development

• Selection of lead candidate and initiation of IND-enabling studies

Oligomerix’s target and discovery approach has been validated via independent, blinded studies and key opinion leader reviews of its lead compound in vivo in a human tau mouse model. The Company has also obtained a strong and robust intellectual property position covering lead compounds, biomarkers, and target. This comprehensive package of novel CNS small molecule leads, biomarkers, technology platform, and IP will help enable expedited and de-risked clinical development by a strategic partner