Partners & Investors

Oligomerix desires to engage in a strategic transaction in the near-term that leads to the full acquisition of all assets and intellectual property. The firm is working in parallel to complete all remaining preclinical work that will result in a robust and effective characterization of the lead series molecules.

Oligomerix is flexible in structuring a transaction that accommodates the needs and objectives of an acquirer.

Value Proposition:
Oligomerix seeks to become the premier provider of small molecule therapeutic interventions and biomarkers for blocking the formation of the tau oligomer target for AD and other neurodegenerative diseases. Oligomerix has developed a platform of assays, tools, series of compounds and know-how that will enable it to accelerate its strategic partner rapidly into development and clinical evaluation, regulatory submission and launch to provide treatment options to neurodegenerative disease sufferers and their caregivers for these devastating diseases.